April Few, young mother of a preschooler, takes us through her eye-opening experience of setting out to learn about public education, and discovering the alarming answers to questions such as:

● What are the benefits of so-called whole-word versus phonics reading instruction?

● Are standardized tests being used for data collection? 

● Why is the study of history so often anti-American and anti-Christian?

● Are teachers using children for political activism?

● What is the real aim of comprehensive sex education? 

● How much transgender influence is there in the government schools?

● What about Common Core?

● Is “workforce development” a federal scheme to control the nation’s economy?

April meets the authors of some of the books that guided her journey and develops a helpful timeline beginning with the age-old debate of whether government or families should direct the education of their children. In the end, she discovers her new mission—to educate parents of school-aged children about the schemes behind the workforce development model of education and expose liberal indoctrination in schools.

Her story seeks to motivate a grassroots uprising across the nation to influence Congress to return to parental and local control of education beginning with the elimination of all Federally-funded agencies and programs related to education. You will be encouraged to connect with others in your area to support efforts of a state chapter affiliated with United States Parents Involved in Education.

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